Indeed that have Miscavige the guy talks about sex for the a gross manner will

Indeed that have Miscavige the guy talks about sex for the a gross manner will

Things I have had experience with. My favorite technique for guaranteeing my interaction has been acquired is actually giving from the FedEx trademark required. Sure, anyone at the job signs for this, however it is prone to get interest than current email address and you will other forms.

Taunting someone. Making enjoyable ones etc etcetera. No information regarding Hubbard other than what exactly is shielded when you look at the Barefaced Messiah and other cities.

My personal wager – Miscavige try impotent and cannot get it upwards. The guy detests college students, hates intercourse, detests anybody – what did LRH say about people like that?

Think there are two main anyone that has know – Shelly and you will TC. Not surprising that Shelly might have been disappeared and you can Miscavige possess TC’s folders.

Beginner, Idle Morgue, and i Yawn: my idols, stating exactly what so many provides consider, however, did not have brand new guts.

A number of the signs toward DHS’s own website is actually copied verbatim and tend to be as follows (using my statements during the parentheses, considering my limited “never-in” understanding):

A) Really does anyone are available fragmented of friends, household members, area groups, or domiciles off praise? (needless to say, and you will DHS also uses the term “disconnected”)

B) Have a kid prevented attending school? (whilst Farm has now been shuttered, there are plenty of almost every other “schools” you might listed below are some to ensure that they’re upwards towards the informative requirements you expect regarding every pupils)

But have no experience in bodily sexual abuse on the his part

C) Comes with the individual had a sudden or dramatic change in decisions? (I might imagine it getting possible for the majority of all of the this new Sea Org member)

D) Is the people overwhelmed or mislead, or proving signs and symptoms of intellectual or bodily discipline? (you’ve got a number of personal testimony regarding your mental and physical abuses of 1 David Miscavige particularly)

E) ‘s the people fearful, timid, or submissive? (needless to say, this is what has actually extremely all of them, Water Org affiliate otherwise public Scientologist, “lined up”, due to the concern about disconnection being submissive simply by going as well as the church’s desires/commands in order to keep their loved ones undamaged)

In my examination of relative cults, of course, if just one leader gets this much stamina, such as for example LRH and you may Miscaivage, there’s always been some sort of intimate immorality/punishment perpetrated by the chief

F) Does anyone tell you signs and symptoms of being refused food, liquids, sleep, or health care? (go check out those people who are currently life, or even be more precise, “imprisoned” regarding Gap on Int Ft otherwise on RPF)

G) Is the individual often with people to just who he or she defers? Or someone who appears to be accountable for the situation, e.grams., in which they go otherwise whom it correspond with? (glance at the girlfriend associated with the thus-entitled church’s own “Ecclesiastical Chief” within the woman last societal looks at the the lady father’s funeral for the 2007)

I) ‘s the people located in the incorrect criteria? (maybe you should grab the local/state department from societal health for the Opening to complete a keen evaluation and then have back into me personally)

J) Does the individual run out of personal possessions and look not to have a stable way of life state? (yahoo “Bohemian Rhapsody musical chair” and you may let me know when it seems that a few of these person’s way of life affairs would-be sensed “stable”)

K) Does the person features independence of movement? Is also anyone freely hop out their current address? Were there unreasonable security features? (once again, you should browse the Hole within Int Base to locate approaches to these concerns…..that is, once they will additionally enable you to into the as a result of the “unreasonable security measures” at Int Feet)

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